Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

 Imagine experiencing what it would be like to create an organic garden that is all natural with no chemicals to have a bad impact on the planet.  With a little reseach and weed pulling you can grow backyard garden your very own organic garden. Whether it’s summer garden, vegetable garden, flower and vegetable garden. It can be a wonderful place of beauty for all the family and friends to enjoy.

 Because there are certain pests that we want to keep out of the garden is where the problem with pesticides of the past have come to have a harmful impact and potential to cause long term harm to our environment . We must avoid introducing any of these chemicals to our summer garden. That way we are protecting our environment and most important our children and pets and don’t forget the wildlife creatures. It is easy for them to come in casual contact and the run off so avoid any pesticides.

How does this effect gardeners when it comes to protecting your organic garden from potential pests? Honestly we will need to use our imagination and the help of mother nature to grow a backyard garden organically. One of the ways is to encourage birds that prey on those pests is to welcome them to your organic garden by providing a safe place for them to live and nest. Some birdhouses, birdbaths, water fountains, some food and safety from their predators will make a welcome home.

It may not be a means of pest control but mulch is useful when it comes to organic gardening. Not only does the mulch help with the weed problem through the growing season of your summer garden. When the growing season has come to a end it can be turned over to add an organic boost within the soil to grow a backyard garden with next season. Doing this will add nutrients that will help keep the soil productive for future crops.

Another good reason for birds is that birds provide a little fertilizer of their own that you can put to some good use for your garden. A good offence is the best defence keep your garden wealthy by being well fertilized, well watered and free of weeds. Keeping your organic garden strong and healthy it will be able to repel and recover from many attack from pests or disease.

This is a good philosophy and worked rather well in the old days we didn’t call this organic gardening we didn’t have pesticides and this was how our ancestors did it. Returning to those old ways when we lived well off the abundance of our gardens for many centuries and where healthier because of it.

When making the decision to grow backyard garden make it your very own organic garden. It made good sense to return to an older healthier way to enjoy great healthy food and an organic harvest for a  healthier lifestyle for you and your family.